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SHELTWOOD FARM was, in medieval times, a grange of Bordesley Abbey and it is believed to have been the location of a slaughterhouse for the deer of Feckenham Forest. At the dissolution of the monasteries it was granted to Edward Lord Clinton and included in the Manor of Tardebigge. In the 16th and 17th centuries it was the residence of various members of the Cookes family, in 1864 Lady Harriet Windsor-Clive had two cottages built on the site of the old tithe barn which had been demolished. These cottages, which are situated in the lane near the farm, are still known as Tithe Barn Cottages. By 1900 the farm was in the possession of the Manor of Bentley and it is still rented from the Bentley Estates.

Although the Mays still rent Sheltwood from the Bentley Estates, extra adjacent farmland has been purchased and the farming business, which now extends to some 1000 acres, is now managed by William and Martin with the assistance of one man and modern machinery.

Source: A Hundred Years In Tardebigge – The Revd Alan White