Upper Bentley Farm


SO 99896 65630

Bentley Ln, Upper Bentley, Redditch, Worcestershire B97 5TD

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Would appear to be now known as New House Farm.

UPPER BENTLEY FARM, close to Bentley Manor, was one of the four home farms of the Bentley Estate, the other three being Norgrove, Bentley House and Lower Bentley Farm. Part of the farmhouse is three or four centuries old, the east end showing its timber-framed construction. At the beginning of the twentieth century the farm, together with Norgrove, was worked under the supervision of "The Squire" with a succession of farm tenants, there being accommodation in the farmhouse for two families.

 In the 1970s and 1980s the farm welcomed parties of school children on visits to the farm. These included children from the nursery which met at Bentley Village Hall, but it was mainly coach-loads of children from Birmingham schools who came towards the end of the summer term. Many of these inner city children had never seen farm animals and poultry. They were able to see the pigs, eggs freshly laid, cows being milked, and the milking parlour with its tank and rotating paddle designed to prevent the cream settling before the tanker came to collect it.

Source: A Hundred Years In Tardebigge – The Revd Alan White

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